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Late to the Party - First Press Vinyl

Late to the Party - First Press Vinyl

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Austin Weber - Late to the Party

Written, recorded, produced & mixed by Austin Weber

All music & lyrics by Austin Weber; except "I Don't Want to Fall in Love" - lyrics by Hope Green and Austin Weber

Performed by Austin Weber and..

  • Arlo Sims (Guitar, "When She Calls")
  • Henry Solomon (Sax, "At The End of the Day")
  • Scott Roberts (Mellotron, "Crazy for Me")
  • Atticus Reynolds (Jug, "I'm Not Here")
  • Alasdair Mackenzie & Davide Caplo & Chris Haley (BG Vox, "I'm Not Here")

Mastered by Jeff Lipton and Maria Rice at Peerless Mastering

Cover photograph by Salim Green

Back cover photograph by Michael Faller

Design by Austin Weber

Order by Lance Oppenheim

©  2021 Weber Records



  1. "Smokin, Schmein, Hopin, Dreamin"
  2. "I'm Not Here"
  3. "Bike Lanes"
  4. "Crazy for Me"
  5. "Like Netflix, but for Having a Good Time"


  1. "At the End of the Day"
  2. "What It Means to Me"
  3. "When She Calls"
  4. "Is This All There Is"
  5. "I Didn't Want to Fall in Love"
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